Profit is Not An Accident - PART 1 of a 3-PART SERIES: Planning, Marketing, & Negotiating

Classroom Presentation

PART ONE OF A 3 PART SERIES. Ramp up your profits with Christine Adams, the veteran, top-rated speaker of Expo 2016. Last year's attendees said, "I wished I had this information when I started. It doesn't do any good to improve my painting technique if I cannot sell my work for a profit." Loaded with content, this topic is crafted around the upcycling resale industry, whether you are working from a store or home. Starting with a business plan as the base, Chris will weave together top tips on marketing, developing an eye for design, choosing finish styles for faster sales, staging, contracts, how to price your work, handling objections and closing the sale over 3 sequential, inter-related one-hour sessions. The 3 class series will be offered twice, in the morning and the afternoon on September 6th. You can interchange sessions (i.e., take session 1 in the morning, and session 2 and 3 in the afternoon, but they should be attended in order.) Attendees will enjoy Chris's knowledge, her experienced, comfortable speaking style and the wealth of real of examples & handouts for each student.