Artistic Painting Studio

The stencil line, The Stencilled Garden is distributed by my Studio, Artistic Painting Studio, which is located in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a retail shop and art studio where I have been teaching the Arts of Decorative painting since 1994. Over the past years I have had the pleasure of taping several segments with the Carol Duvall Show and have also taped with Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home.

I have written four books: Painted Chairs, Painted Whimsies, Trashformations, and Painted Fabric Fun. It is truly a dream come true, having the opportunity to publish your ideas and creativity.

My stencil line, The Stencilled Garden is full of many different options. There is something for everyone. I hope that you will enjoy this web site. Have fun looking through the stencil design options and be inspired by some of the projects featured here.

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