Paintable Samples

After personally taking classes in how to use specialty paints to decorate furniture and a multitude of accessories we realized that there were issues with securing samples used in the classrooms.  Since we have many years working in the furniture industry here in the Furniture Capital of the World, High Point North Carolina, we realized we could source really cool paintable moldings and accessories that can be used in the classroom setting.

Now we are working on bringing these items to business owners in this arena in bulk, pre-cut and boxed for easy shipping.  You receive your package and it's ready to go for your classes!  Our first offerings are kits that are made of a variety of solid wood moldings and our newest offering, solid wood and resin corbels.  

We will work to bring these kits to you at a fair price, ready for decorating.  In the future we plan on making additional ornaments available to all dealers as we find great deals to pass along to you.

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