Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?
You need to purchase an Expo ticket at Event Brite first, each person under a separate email account. GF Preferred registration begins May 1st. Open registration starts May 15th. You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions for accessing your account from last year or setting a new account on this site. If you lose your password, just click on "Password Reset" and you will be be sent a link to reset.
After setting up your account, click on "Class Schedule & Signup" Review the schedule.  Click on each day and select the classes and events you want to attend. This information will be recorded under "VIEW MY SCHEDULE". If you change class times or select different classes, your "VIEW MY SCHEDULE" page will be updated and can be viewed on your dashboard.
How do I know what classes i have signed up for?
Your class selections will be recorded under "VIEW MY SCHEDULE". The classes you have signed up for will be displayed, and the others will be "grayed out". If you change class times or select different classes, your "VIEW MY SCHEDULE" page will be updated and can be viewed on your dashboard at any time.
Can I switch classes later on?
Yes, if space is available with a maximum of nine classes. Log in to your account, uncheck the classes you are leaving and check the new class that you want to attend.
How does the Ride Share Feature Work?
  1. Log into your account dashboard.
  2. Under Edit My Information, select Edit My Profile and add your contact information and address. The address field must be filled out in order for this to work. Addresses are geo-coded when the profile page is saved.
  3. Then select RIDE SHARE settings.
  4. Check either Share A Ride (Driver) or Hitch A Ride (Passenger) or select both options. Your name (first name and last name initial) will appear on the Ride Share map along with your city and state.
  5. Then click on the RIDE SHARE button on the upper menu and search for a driver or a passenger near your zip code. Any attendees that have enabled their Ride Share settings will appear on the map. 
  6. If any are available near you, click on the red link in the info-window, and a pop up form will appear allowing you to contact the person and make arrangements. Email requests will be sent to both you and the other party.

Ride Share requests you receive will appear at the bottom of your dashboard page. Your requests will also appear in the dashboards of any other attendees that have enabled their Ride Share settings.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, we will know who you are.
What is the refund policy?
Expo ticket price is non-refundable but may be transferred to another person.
May I bring a guest or spouse?
In order to attend classes, your guest/spouse would need to purchase an Expo ticket. If you’re referring to inclusion in the Welcome Reception and Buffet Dinner only, we have a waiting list for guest attendees and spouses. You can register your guest here:

What time is CHECK-IN at the expo?
You can register on Tuesday during the welcome reception from 5-8 PM, or Wednesday morning before classes begin.
Will there be a chance to Purchase GF products?
We do not sell at the expo, but we will have a breakout room during the box lunch where you can get your questions answered.
Do i need to bring extra luggage to carry home the make and takes samples?
Possibly, depending on which classes you take. We would recommend leaving room in your suitcase, or bringing a bag or small roll-on.
What is the dress code?
For classes: dress is casual, especially for make and take classes. For the reception : Anything from pants to skirts and dresses. For the dinner/dancing event: Anything from jeans to your favorite glad rags. Bring dancing shoes - Kevin Kennedy gets everybody up and moving!  The dancing is good for your health - watch this video to find out why.
What is the the weather like in Indy in September?
The average is upper 50's at night, upper 70's during the day. And no precipitation inside the convention rooms.