Ride Share

Find a ride or share a ride - contact the other party & make your own arrangements.

How does the Ride Share Feature Work?

  1. Log into your account dashboard.
  2. Under Edit My Information, select Edit My Profile and add your contact information and address. The address field must be filled out in order for this to work. Addresses are geocoded when the profile page is saved.
  3. Then select RIDE SHARE settings.
  4. Check either Share A Ride (Driver) or Hitch A Ride (Passenger) or select both options. Your name (first name and last name initial) will appear on the Ride Share map along with your city and state.
  5. Then click on the RIDE SHARE button on the upper menu and search for a driver or a passenger near your zip code. Any attendees that have enabled their Ride Share settings will appear on the map. 
  6. If any are available near you, click on the red link in the info-window, and a pop up form will appear allowing you to contact the person and make arrangements. Email requests will be sent to both you and the other party.

Ride Share requests you receive will appear at the bottom of your dashboard page. Your requests will also appear in the dashboards of any other attendees that have enabled their Ride Share settings.

Find A Ride

Share A Ride

How Does It Work?


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